Sunday, May 20, 2012

Battlechicken's challenge - week 3

I was late to the party for the second challenge, and the first challenge didn't inspire me, but hopefully, I'll make it in time for the third one! This week's challenge is an especially tricky one for me.
"Your challenge this week is to tell me about your main (or the small handful of characters you feel most attached to). This might be their backstory as you’ve imagined it, or how you imagine their personalities. It could be how they relate to you–are they your flamboyant side, or do you channel your thoughtfulness through them?
Maybe explain why you chose them or why you keep coming back to them. What would they say if I asked them to tell me about themselves?
Whatever form or idea that takes for you, the challenge is this: Tell me about your main character(s)."
I've never really given any of my characters a backstory in WoW. I do have a somewhat vague idea of their personalities, but nothing elaborate. Playing WoW for me has never been about that, anyway. It's always been about the feel of the class, the shiny purples, the dungeons, the professions, the raiding. And deciding which character would be my main.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about this over the years. For a very long time, I've searched for something. For the class that would be all that. That one class that I would say : "This is it. This is the one." I envied people who only have one character and are content. Complete. For years, I wandered off from a class to the next, never finding exactly what it is that I was looking for, but having fun looking for it. Every class has a little something I love, but not enough for me to settle on just one. I've finally come to the conclusion that  there simply isn't just one class that is all I need. I had looked all this time in vain. I could never have just one character.

However, I do have favourites. 

I have a lot of characters, and I love most of them. Others I just don't enjoy playing anymore, so they gather dust somewhere on a server far, far away. There are three of my toons that have always been my favourites, my mage, hunter and druid. I'm not sure exactly why, but they have a special place in my heart. I guess their playstyle just really clicks with me. Over the years, I've been a healer, a ranged dps, a melee, and recently, a tank. But I keep coming back to the "holy trinity". Mage, hunter, druid. I love my dk, my shaman, my pally, but it's not the same.

Whenever I transfer to a new server, I take my mage, hunter and druid with me. The others, I can reroll. I have no strong attachment to the character per say. I love the class, so I want one on my new main server, but not enough to actually pay for it to be transferred over. Although, with the transmog thing, I think I will actually have my dk transfered over, if only because she has the most awesome transmog set ever and I don't want to farm if on another toon. Because Firelands can die in a fire for all I care.

I've decided that my main is my mage, simply because she was my first toon, and I love her the most, with my hunter and druid being my two favourite alts. But there's so much stuff I love about my other characters that I made a list of all the abilities that make me love all my characters.

Mage : Being able to teleport almost anywhere I want. Blink. Mana cakes. Mirror images. Evocation. Mana gems. Invisibility. Ice block. Being able to play with fire, with ice, or with arcane. Scorch. Pyroblast. Arcane Missiles. Time Warp.

Hunter : Bows. Pets. Feign Death. Kill command. Watching my pet running full speed towards my enemy and biting him and clawing him to death. Being able to chose which pet I wanna carry around, choose it’s name, it’s color, it’s race. Shooting mobs from afar while my pet tanks them.

Druid : Bird form. Not having to “dismount” to loot, or farm herbs. Innervate. Mushrooms. Aquatic form. Starsurge. Swiftmend and the green circle of healy goodness that comes with it. Wild growth. Tranquillity.

DK : Anti-magic shell. Spamming Howling Blast. Dual wielding two weapons. Death grip. Army of the Dead.

Paladin : Avenger's shield. Crusader Aura. Lay on hands. Hammer of the righteous. The charger mount.

Shaman : Chain Lightning. Thunderstorm. Mana shield. Earth Shield. Riptide. Feral Spirit. Bloodlust.

I also have a priest and a warrior, and although there are things I do love about both those classes, I haven't played any of them much in the last months. I also plan on levelling a warlock soon, as they look like they're a lot of fun to play. And they just plain look cool. The only class I don't enjoy at all is the rogue, and that's fine. One less alt to worry about!


  1. Bird form. Man, I love me some freaking bird form. I don't even roll for flying mounts on my druid because I never use them.

    Great response; I love your perspective on why you play the classes you play!

    1. Thank you! I had a good time writing this. Thanks for those challenges, they're great. =)