Thursday, August 02, 2012

25 slots is not enough

I read this post today on Lae's blog and for a second, I had a "oh shit!" moment. My hunter's stable is pretty much full at the moment, with twenty-one pets total, which leaves only 4 slots for new ones. I even have a whole page for my pets. But with the pandas are coming a shitload of new skins and brand new types of pet you can tame, with only 25 slots available, and my first thought was : I'm so screwed.

Something had to be done.

I have all nine spirit beasts in my collection, and there is no way in a million years I'm letting any one of them go. I also have a couple rares I'm very fond of, which I will be keeping as well :


So that makes 12 pets I absolutely want to keep. Which leaves 13 spots. 8 of those were already occupied, so I went and tried to see if I couldn't get rid of some of them. I came up with the following:

- The wolf that hasn't see the light of day in months (if not years) has to go. 
- Same with the rare blue Fox from Loch Modan. It's on a 90 minutes cooldown, so if I ever change my mind, it wouldn't be too painful to get it again. 
- The bear I used to keep as a pocket tank can also be abandoned. Since in MoP we can turn any pet into a tank, I can use another model for this task. (Arcturis or Terrorpeme comes to mind.)
- The purple-ish cat from Winterspring (the one that matches the Alliance Wintrerspring mount) has to go as well. 
- The Core Hound gets to stay, if only for the ghetto Bloodlust.
- The dragonhawk can stay too, in case we need the +8% spell damage debuff.
- Same for the Devilsaur and his 5% crit buff. Unlike the wolf, I really love my devilsaur. I don't use it a lot because I usually take Loque'Nahak when I play BM, but I love him too much to actually abandon him.

The only pet I'm keeping only for sentimental value is Humar the Pridelord.

Back when my boyfriend Mad still had a hunter, he had only one pet, and it was Humar the Pridelord. Back in BC, he camped this rare for days before he finally got lucky enough to not get it stolen or killed before he could tame it. When Mad deleted his hunter a while back, I went and tamed Humar. I even named him Leonidas, just like Mad had named his. So unless I really have to, I won't be abandoning this pet.

Which leaves me with sixteen pets, and nine available slots for future companions.

Thanks to Petopia, I've been able to determine that when MoP is released, I will need to tame a Quillen, because they will let us resurrect dead players in combat, which could really come in handy. I might get a Water Strider too, for his Water Walking ability, and for his Spell Power buff.

I also want a goat, just because they are so frickin' adorable. 

Image from Petopia

And I must get this cat model, because it just looks too damn cool : 

Image from Petopia

I think it's a rare model, but I don't care. I must have it. At the very least, I will try to get another Siberian Tiger, in a different colour, like the black one perhaps.

If I ever raid as a hunter, I will try and get more pets that offer useful buffs and debuffs, but until then, I will tame rare and/or pretty pets, because that's just what I do.


  1. OH what a gorgeous cat!! Gosh thank god I don't play a hunter, I already have a bag space problem, can you imagine my stable space!

    1. I'm starting to think I should roll several hunters so I can have every pet I want. Because 25 slots is just ridiculous when you know there are hundreds of different models out there.

  2. Clearly you just need a second hunter for pet taming. XD I'm sorry you were forced to let some go to make room. That is unfortunate. Pet collecting is a lot of fun! I had almost forgotten about that part of having a hunter, but I did love that! My Skoll was my favorite. I set an alarm to wake me up every thirty minutes all night long so I could move my mouse to keep myself from logging out and check to see if he had spawned. XD

  3. All my 25 pets keep their paws crossed for more room in the stable!

  4. Dear Blizzard:

    For Christmas/Winter's Veil/Whatever Holiday You Prefer, I really would like two small, easy little things. If you can only get one I really understand, Blizzard, I do.

    Please give me more stable space, because I have a really hard time "abandoning" my babies. (I guess if it came down to it, I would accept a phrase change from "Abandon" to "release.")

    And pretty please give me Have Group Will Travel again. It's not that I'm lazy, Blizzard, I'm just directionally challenged. Don't punish me for it!

    Thank you Blizzard. It'd mean a lot to me, my pets and my guildmates, since I wouldn't have to turn my pets out into the cold of a Dalaran winter and my guildmates won't have to try to guide me to the raid, wherever it is, which usually takes a pretty long time.

    Prinnie, who has been mostly good