Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Two months of torture

So we're getting MoP in exactly two months. Since it's coming in the middle of the Brewfest, I'm guessing the holiday boss will not be dropping the new gear. Which sucks really, but hey, there's always next years. Unless of course Blizz postpones Brewfest to a later date, which I don't think they will do. I've been disappointed in the past to see holiday boss still drop level 80 shit when the cap was 85. Can't remember which one it was, though. But, we might get lucky with Hallow's End, which comes a little more than three weeks after launch. Who knows? Brewfest and Hallow's end are my favourite in-game holidays, so I'm excited for it, no matter what kind of gear their holiday boss drop.

I'm done with most of my bucket list, except for Loremaster stuff which I kinda knew I wouldn't even touch. It was more of a "I hope I can get motivated enough to actually do it if I put it on my bucket list" kinda thing. Like I thought that I'd go "I said I'd do it, so I have no choice!" But no. I'm more lazy than proud, apparently. So there, I didn't do "everything" from my original bucket list, and I'm fine with it. The bucket list in itself has changed quite a lot over the weeks, but I think I'll make a post just for that in the upcoming weeks.

Now's the time to finish the couple things I have left, like level archaeology on the druid, level fishing on the warrior that just now came out of retiring, and maybe get some more gear for the freshly 85 lock. I will also be farming a bit or even run a couple dailies to make some extra cash. I'm quite happy with the gold I have now, but a little more can't hurt. I'm sure Mad will be asking for gold once he sees something he can't afford. XD

So now that we have a date, I can make plans. I can have Mad take a day (or two) off at work so we can play as much as we want when the game is released. Superfluous stuff like eating and sleeping will have to be taken care of in between leveling sessions, and I want to try and figure out how to do that in a "healthy" way while keeping the game time to a maximum.

When WotLK was released, we woke up early and went to the store to get the game. Then we installed it. Then we played for an hour or two before we had to leave. Me for shcool, Mad for work. It sucked. I thought about the game all day. (I have no idea how I passed my exams that semester.) When Cata launched, we had bought the digital copy a couple days before and I think we had downloaded some of it already. (Maybe?) Mad went to bed at like 7 the night before, so he could wake up at launch time (3 a.m. for us) and play until it was time for work. Lucky for us, there was a huuuuge snowstorm that night. So in the morning, it was like "Boss, I can't come in, I'm snowed in!" Which totally worked. We played for a couple more hours, then took a nap, ordered some take-out when we woke up and played, played, played. It was fun, but it was also very lucky.

This time around, I want to make sure everything goes smoothly. We will most likely buy the digital copy before the launch day, and download as much of it as we possibly can. (If such a thing is possible. I can't remember.) I think we will also try and get to bed early and wake up at launch time, so that we can get started right away. When we get tired, we can take a nap, but I'm pretty sure we can get at least a level or two before such a thing happens. As for the food, there will most likely be ordering some chicken or something, as we probably won't feel like cooking a meal when we can be leveling! Maybe we can stop long enough to put a pizza in the oven, but not much more than that.

I also have to figure out in which order I want to level my characters. It depends on a couple things. Whether or not we get a way to make our alts fly right away in Pandaria or not (kinda like the book we could buy in WotLK.), and which professions I want to work on first. I know I've already said in a previous post that I'd level them in this order, but I didn't really think it through. It's more or less the order in which I prefer my characters rather than an actual optimized plan. But whatever plans I make - about anything - will probably change. I might decide to level my paladin to farm ores, and then I'll feel like playing my warrior instead and I'll just play it, ruining the plan. But making plans is fun, and it's the only thing I have left to do while waiting.

Oh, now I'm all excited. And I gotta wait two months. This is torture.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Love all the wrong things

I've been horde for quite some time now, but when I started playing WoW, my first character was a human mage. I loved being alliance. I loved night elves and draeneis. I loved Stormwind, and Redridge and Westfall and Duskwood. I'm glad Mad made us go horde, because I love my horde toons a lot. But I sometimes miss having actual active alliance characters. So what do I do? Well I start over on a new server, of course!

The last couple of days have been dedicated to creating characters and leveling them. I have no plan at this point, so I just level whatever class I feel like playing. I started with a hunter a couple weeks ago which is now level 61. She's my highest character on the server and that's fine. There's no hurry. No rush. Just quests, dungeons, whatever I feel like doing. I'm also working slowly (feels more like crawling) on professions as I level more characters. I have no 85 toon to farm stuff, so I have to level more to be able to farm ores and herbs on the druid. I'll get there eventually, it's just kinda slow. Which is ok, I suppose.

But it's not all been just good fun. I have two (maybe even three) healers that I plan on leveling solely through the LFD tool, and DEAR GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING?

Some groups are actually pretty decent, but most of the time, there's someone rolling on gear they don't need, or the tank is so squishy that even pouring my whole blue bar into their green bar isn't quite enough to keep them alive. In Gnomeregan, you know a lock or a hunter will jump down without dismissing their pet first, so half the instance will run to us to hug us with their deadly mechanical arms. Good times.

But I'm still enjoying myself. My mage is almost level 36 and the shaman is 33, so I've been in Scarlet Monastery a lot lately, which is good because it's my favourite instance ever. I  remember the first time I went in there, back when I was just a wee little noob mage. I was impressed and fascinated by the Scarlet Crusade. In a "Jesus titty fucking christ those people are insane!" kinda way. Interrogator Vishas is and always will be my favourite NPC in the game. I remember each time he started talking, I would say it with him, which kinda drove Mad nuts, since we were on Ventrilo together.

The voice acting is perfect, as he sound like he's batshit crazy. A nutjob with a razor, on a holy mission. Not scary at all. I think this guy probably is going away in MoP, and it makes me sad. Scarlet Monastery will never be the same without him.

Monday, July 09, 2012

The world needs more Taurens.

I've been so terribly bad this week. No posts in over a week has never happened before. But then again, I've only been blogging for three months.

I spent some time this week getting the warlock to 80. She's been gathering rested XP ever since and will keep doing so until I feel like I can stomach Hyjal again. The DK is now running Magister's Terrace daily for a chance at the White Cock, as many call it. Not that I find this model particularly appealing, but more mounts is always good. My boyfriend's DK hit 85 this weekend and we are now in "run all the dungeons" mode. We've both got some gear out of it, and will most likely be able to hit the Hour of Twilight heroics soon. 

The mage has started doing some quests in low level zones in order to reach 3000 quests done and get The Seeker title. Yes, I'm that bored. I probably won't go as far as getting the Loremaster, but who knows. My goal right now is to knock out 750 more quests (probably while watching TV shows on my second monitor). That should keep me busy for quite some time. 

Also, I've created a second paladin, which will act as a banker. I've decided to level her to 40 so that she can get both her ground mounts (moar mounts!) for quicker travels from the bank to the auction house. Time is money, as they say.

I'm also thinking about creating an undead priest to do the quests in Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest with. I'm still not sure if that will stick or if I'll change my mind. It's a pretty shaky plan to start with, but I've been wanting a priest on this server for some time now, and I don't see why I shouldn't roll one. At least, it's something to do until the Pandas get here. (Get here faster, dammit.)

I've also decided to level archaeology again, this time on my druid. As I know for a fact I'll want to get all my toons to 90 come MoP, I think it wise to find other means to reach said goal other than by questing. I reckon after I've done the zones on three or four characters, I'll be happy to do some digging and herb picking to break the monotony.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Yes, more achievements. And some fishes too.

The weekend has been pretty busy and productive for my characters! 

The lock reached level 75 last night and finished leveling engineering! Next month's Darkmoon Faire will give her her last five alchemy points, and my paladin's last three blacksmithing points, as I'm too lazy to farm more mats. I've farmed enough in the last couple of weeks that I'd rather wait a whole month to check that off my bucket list rather than farm it myself. Lazy Lyr is lazy.

I also maxxed out fishing and cooking on three characters Saturday night, which was both painful and fun. I fished mats and then cooked them, and it was nice, but the sun had come up when I hit 525 on the last character, and I only then realized what time it was and went to bed. 

Today, the mage got some easy achievements (she hadn't finished Classic Dungeonmaster before tonight, how weird is that?) and then queued for a BG and got her first Arathi Basin victory. I know, it's sad. I did have this achievement on my hunter, but that just shows how much I don't PvP. Despite my mage being my oldest toon, she didn't even have that. Anyway, all those achievements scored her It's Over Nine Thousand which I should be excited about, but I'm not. And I find it sad. It's a big deal for me to reach that threshold, but I wasn't as excited about getting as I thought I would be. Anyway, I'm glad it's done. I wonder how many achievement points I'll have in total once Mists merges all my characters achievements together. Hopefully somewhere close to 10k. *fingers crossed*

I transferred my Death Knight over to the server and haven't done much with her since, except farm stuff, like crocs tails to level cooking, because Howling Blast all the things is amazing to kill mobs quickly. Plus, Death Grip really comes in handy when you're lazy and don't want to run aallll the way over there. I think my DK is as lazy as me.

So the plan for this week is to keep leveling the lock as much as possible while the Midsummer Festival's XP buff is still around. I'll also be hitting the Raid Finder with the hunter for a trinket, and the shaman to get her a new weapon, as she is still rocking a blue axe. After that, I'll be pretty much done with the bucket list, apart from the Loremaster stuff which I probably won't even touch before MoP. Unless I get really bored. Which will most probably happen if Blizz doesn't hurry up already and give us something. Anything really. Just something new to do. Soon. Please?

Until then I guess I'll read, watch TV shows and hope for the pandas to arrive.