Monday, July 09, 2012

The world needs more Taurens.

I've been so terribly bad this week. No posts in over a week has never happened before. But then again, I've only been blogging for three months.

I spent some time this week getting the warlock to 80. She's been gathering rested XP ever since and will keep doing so until I feel like I can stomach Hyjal again. The DK is now running Magister's Terrace daily for a chance at the White Cock, as many call it. Not that I find this model particularly appealing, but more mounts is always good. My boyfriend's DK hit 85 this weekend and we are now in "run all the dungeons" mode. We've both got some gear out of it, and will most likely be able to hit the Hour of Twilight heroics soon. 

The mage has started doing some quests in low level zones in order to reach 3000 quests done and get The Seeker title. Yes, I'm that bored. I probably won't go as far as getting the Loremaster, but who knows. My goal right now is to knock out 750 more quests (probably while watching TV shows on my second monitor). That should keep me busy for quite some time. 

Also, I've created a second paladin, which will act as a banker. I've decided to level her to 40 so that she can get both her ground mounts (moar mounts!) for quicker travels from the bank to the auction house. Time is money, as they say.

I'm also thinking about creating an undead priest to do the quests in Tirisfal Glades and Silverpine Forest with. I'm still not sure if that will stick or if I'll change my mind. It's a pretty shaky plan to start with, but I've been wanting a priest on this server for some time now, and I don't see why I shouldn't roll one. At least, it's something to do until the Pandas get here. (Get here faster, dammit.)

I've also decided to level archaeology again, this time on my druid. As I know for a fact I'll want to get all my toons to 90 come MoP, I think it wise to find other means to reach said goal other than by questing. I reckon after I've done the zones on three or four characters, I'll be happy to do some digging and herb picking to break the monotony.


  1. Yes, the world always needs more Tauren!

    I definitely recommend doing Tirisfal/Silverpine/Hillsbrad with an Undead character. The stories are quite well done, but there are some things that I'd have trouble doing with, say, a Tauren character.

    1. If you recommend it, then I am convinced! =)

      I took my druid to Silverpine Forest once. She really didn't like it there! So she left and healed a couple dungeons instead. Definitely looking forward to giving it another try!

  2. So wait, you're chasing White Cock, but you don't actually like White Cock...

    This is some special kind of screwed up, isn't it. ;D

    The early part of the undead starting experience feels a lot like handholding. (which really makes the Forsaken feel like the most caring faction as far as their recruits are concerned. go figure.) From there onwards the storyline is really great, though.

    1. Yeah I'm weird like that. It's not that I hate it or anything, it's just not my favourite mount. But I might not run MGT long enough to actually get it. It's just something I do while I wait for the pandas. I'm an impatient person, and having some sort of goals helps dealing with how badly I want the pandas to get here. Because new content is long overdue.

      I guess it is kinda screwed up.