Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Nothing exciting here

I don't have much to talk about lately, mostly because I don't do anything particularly exciting. I've been running Karazhan to try and finish my mage's tier 4 set, with no luck so far. I managed to bug the mount boss, so that was stupid. I will be going back this week, and hopefully not fuck it up again. I've also been leveling a priest, to play with Mad's rogue. We'll be starting Outlands soon, which I always find fun. Healing Outlands dungeons is something I enjoy a lot. Except for Ramps. Because that's all you get for what feels like forever. 

the Priest and her own little
Personal World Destroyer.

And of course, I've been doing some more bank/bags/guildbank cleaning, and selling stuff on the Auction House. I have way more stuff than I thought, and I'm making some profit out of it. I still haven't touched the "transmog" part of the guildbank (two tabs), as I want to make sure Mad and I don't need any piece before I start selling it all away. 

I want to be as ready as possible for the new expansion, but that is hard to do, since I also want to remain as spoiler free as possible. I'm sitting on a nice amount of gold, and I got some nice starter kit for my future monk, stashed away on a toon I will delete afterwards (enough gold to learn professions and buy all bank slots with some extra, eleven bags, agility and intellect leather heirlooms, lots of different kinds of cloth for a nice first aid boost, a skinning knife for her skinning profession, a fishing pole, some lures, and some transmog gear. I haven't decided on her second profession yet.) Apart from farming stuff for gold and hunting transmog items, I'm pretty much done with the stuff I wanted to get done before the end of Cataclysm. Now we play the waiting game.

In other news, yesterday, it was announced that Star Wars : the Old Republic will have a free to play option starting in November, and that really makes me happy. I really enjoyed playing Swtor for a couple months, but it wasn't WoW, and I ended up not even logging on for weeks at a time, so I didn't feel like paying for a game I wasn't even playing. So this news really is awesome to me. Of course, we'll get limited access to a bunch of stuff, like the dungeons and PvP stuff, but that's fine. We also won't be able to raid, as that is reserved for people who pay their 15 bucks a month. I guess to the people who are already playing and paying, it's not such a good thing. I feel for them, but it will allow me to play a game I love. I really enjoyed the leveling experience. The class stories are really fun, and I kinda miss it. I don't even want to raid, or do the dungeons, or PvP. I'd even be happy just playing it as a single player game, without access to the auction house or group quests or anything like that whatsoever. It really is a great game. Just not enough to justify paying 15 bucks a month, in my opinion. Your mileage may vary. 


  1. Ramps is also populated with tons of new DKs who think they know how to tank, and that causes more than a few issues. But outside of that, it's a fairly straightforward and quick instance, like Utgarde Keep is.

    1. I don't dislike the instance in itself, it's just that you get to do it so many times while leveling through the dungeon finder that you get sick of it rather quikcly. Same thing happens with UK. If you quest and do some dungeons, it might be different.

    2. And yes, there are a lot of DKs out there that suck real bad in Ramps and in Blood Furnace, but the more you progress through OL, I find there are less of them. Usually, the ones that remain suck a lot less. Or even just a little less, but we'll take whatever we can get.

    3. Yeah, by the time you reach the Tempest Keep 5-mans the bad DKs had been weeded out. Unfortunately, they migrate to DPS and seem to love pulling aggro.

      Of course, things might be different now with the changes to threat --it's been that long since I've run a Tempest Keep 5-man with an alt-- but somehow I doubt it.