Friday, November 23, 2012

I am the worst blogger ever

It's been way too long since I last posted (over three weeks!), and I feel guilty about it. Time to change that!

The month of November hasn't been all that good to me so far, and lots of crap happened, preventing me from enjoying anything or even thinking about blogging. WoW is my constant companion, and I have been playing as much as I normally do, but my state of mind wasn't good at all, which resulted in me saying: "screw this!" each time I tried to sit down and write, or just try to pick a toon to play. I normally have trouble making decisions, but it's been worse these past few weeks. 

I finally sent my warrior over to Rexxar, and now my alliance mage is now all decked out in heirlooms. She made it to 70, and then I didn't feel like playing her. She's in an awesome guild, with awesome people that I really like, and I will play there more regularly once my brains stops being a bitch. Which will be soon, hopefully.

On the Horde front, I finally played my mage long enough for her to hit 90 last weekend, which made me a tiny bit happy. I have been doing dailies on her ever since and am now trying to gear her up for the raid finder. I didn't enjoy Mogu'shan vault all that much on my hunter, but maybe I will enjoy it more once I take my favourite character. By Saturday the mage should be honored with the Golden Lotus and have enough Valor Points to buy a ring from them. She will also be able to get patterns for some gorgeous crafted gear such as the Spelltwister's Grand Robe, which should grant me the last point I need to reach 460 item level. Then I will need to get another 1250 VP to buy the neck off the Klaxxi. After that, I'll need some luck and some Elder Charms of Good Fortune to try and score enough gear to be able to run the Heart of Fear on the Raid Finder. It's the first time in a while that I feel I have a real goal in mind and it feels good. 

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