Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Quick Post : Tailoring Surprise

When I went to the Silken Fields to use my Imperial Silk daily cooldown, I was surprised to notice the icon had changed.

Instead of the Imperial Silk icon is now one of a cocoon!

When I opened the cocoon, there was an Imperial Silk in it,
but there was also and Imperial Silkworm! 
As you can see, this companion is NOT bound on pick up. 
I learned it this time, but subsequent Silkworms just might
 find their way to the closest Auction House!


  1. OMG grats! I got my cocoon thinking OOOH am I getting the pet? But no, it was just a silk inside it.

    1. Yeah, it must be a very small chance to get pets. You'll get yours soon. ^^