Sunday, December 02, 2012

Quick Post : Suddenly, I am 5 years old

I just went to the Darkmoon Faire to turn my deck into a trinket (item level 470 achieveved!) and I came across this :

How awesome is this?!
We get to ride a carousel! I didn't know until just now how much this was missing from the Faire. And the music is absolutely enchanting. The fact that riding this gives a 10% rep increase for up to one hour is just a bonus. 

And just like that, I want my very own mini-carousel vanity item. Please, Blizz, make it happen!


  1. It's not quite a vanity item but you can buy "sand box tiger" mini rides of each of the carousel creatures for 1 Darkmoon Faire token. I have a supply of Murlocs to take me through to January :p