Friday, September 07, 2012

New friends

Last weekend, I was on twitter when I saw that the guild Stands in Bad (SiB) was recruiting. Now you may not know this, but I'm a huge fan of a lot of bloggers from that guild. People like Kialesse, AchlorynDhevonKat and Pixelated Executioner. I had been talking to some of them from time to time on twitter, but when the occasion presented itself, I decided it would be fun to actually join their guild. I haven't been in there for very long, but it's been very fun so far! Everyone is nice and welcoming, and also very funny.

But that's not all!

Not long after I hit publish on my post Wednesday night, I was whispered by Navimie who wanted to take a picture with me!

I was nervous, though I can't explain exactly why. I'm pretty shy, and meeting new people is always a bit stressful for me. Even though Navimie insisted she wasn't new, since she often commented on my blog. And it's true. But I have to admit I was pretty starstruck! However, Navi was so sweet and adorable that soon I felt completely at ease! 

The fun part is, she was actually trying to find Kialesse, Achloryn, and Pixelated Executioner! I just happened to be on the server at the time, leveling an alt also named Lyrestra! What a lovely coincidence!

Navimie and Lyrestra =D

So Kia, Achloryn and Pix came to meet us in the Exodar where we took a couple pictures and chatted a bit, but Navi was lagging a lot, so we took a portal to Darnassus to see if it would be better. And it was!

Kialesse, Achloryn, Lyrestra, Navimie and Pixelated Executioner

It was pretty fun to all be there together chatting with Navimie. Thank you for your visit Navi! <3

And thank you people from Stands in Bad, you guys are awesome!


  1. <3 you were a fantastic treasure I found that day, I was super stoked - ask Kia! Thank you all for being so patient with me when I was lagging to hell .... felt like that bummed my visit a bit :(

    1. Damn lag robbed us of more time to spend with you!

      I'm really glad I had the chance to talk to you for a bit and to take pictures with you! <3