Friday, September 14, 2012

Rant incoming : read at your own risk

Back when I raided, there was a thing that really annoyed the hell outta me.

There was this guy, whenever he got an upgrade, he'd hearthstone to Orgrimmar to gem, enchant and reforge. Talk about wasting time. Then we'd have to summon him back. And run back to wherever we were. At some point, our Raid Leader threw a fit. "We have an hour left to the raid, you can do all that shit later. For now, keep your old piece and get your ass back here." It worked, but the guy was way too grumpy after that.

That was before. Now that we can have access to a mount which provides a portable reforger, I'm worried this will become the norm. Everyone who gets a new item will want to use the mount to reforge. Of course, no one will have to HS back to Org or SW. Now, they can just mount up and reforge. 

But how much time will be wasted on this between pulls, making wipe recoveries last that much longer. Reforging is not like repairing. You don't just click on a button and it's done. Sometimes one piece changes some other pieces' reforging as well. There's always one dude taking his sweet time making the rest of the raid wait. Don't be that guy. Wait for a break, or for the end of the raid.

That said, the Yak really is cool. I don't think I'll buy it simply because I'm too greedy and don't want to spend my whole "fortune" on one mount, but I can't deny it's usefulness. I think it's nice you can reforge in whichever zone you are. If there are no reforgers in Pandaria, then it's awesome to be able to carry one around with you.


  1. We had a guy like that as well, but in MoP we've changed leadership and with that, rules. One of our rules: NO GOING BACK TO ORG TO REFORGE! I'll amend it for the Yak, since they cannot gem/enchant it without bothering several others (as far as I know they are not a JC/Enchanter).

    1. I use to keep some pre-cut gems and some chanting mats/scrolls in my bags in case I got upgrades. But reforging complicates things a bit.

  2. I'm one of those people who are really anally retentive about their reforging.. I spend a good 20 minutes reforging, so I will probably not be 'that guy' though I am sure someone will be.

  3. We tell people in our raids you're not allowed to do that until the end of the raid. If people insist on going and doing it, then the must be back in time for the next boss.

  4. It all depends on the guild leadership, I guess. Our RL had no choice but to allow it, since most of the officers would try to 'brb' in between pulls just for that reason..

  5. I think every guild has one of those people. We weren't allowed to run back to town when I raided, so we'd always have someone asking everyone in the raid if they happened to have enchanting mats and gems on them. This would continue even during boss fights, so they'd be getting us in formation on Sindragosa ice blocks and they'd still be like "hey you guys anyone have mats for this? and is anyone a JCer? I can give you the gems to cut!" and this would continue until our raid lead told everyone to shut up and pay attention to the fight.

    Hopefully the yak will not make 12 hour breaks after every boss the norm.