Saturday, April 21, 2012

Adventures in Tankingland

Be vewy quiet, I'm hunting dwagons.

I’m having a total blast tanking with my paladin. Avenger's shield is just so amazingly good. But as I level and get more tanking experience, I’ve come to realize certain things.

- I loooooove tanking. Like I never thought I would.
- Avenger's shield is one of my favourite abilities in game.
- I hate boomkins. With a fucking passion. Typhoon my mobs one more time and I swear I’m letting you tank them all. One of them was pulling everything in sight by typhooning half dead mobs into packs of mobs. The healer was frantically filling green bars while I was taunting all the mobs to me. Let’s do this again never, mkay?
- Same thing applies to elemental shaman and their thunderfuck of doom.
- I also hate frost mages that frost nova mobs before they can reach me, which makes it hard to keep aggro on all of them.
- I hate warriors that taunt off me. When they are dps.
- I hate mage and hunters (or any ranged class, really) pulling shit at random just because they can.
- I hate most people, period. The healer that tells me to pull half the fucking instance cuz he’s bored, the dps that pull ahead of me and bitch when they die (cuz I don’t taunt off you if you pull on purpose.), and I hate every single person rolling on gear they don’t fucking need just because they can.

And I’ve just realized that soon I’ll have to deal with noob Death Knights too, with their death grip and their DnD of doom. /shudder


  1. People are so obnoxious to tanks. I love tanking. A lot. But god it's a pain when you run with people you don't know. I pretty much refuse to tank without a group of friends because pugs do all the stupid things you mentioned. Even in heroics, you always get that one healer who thinks they out-gear the content and keeps telling you to pull more or runs ahead to pull for you. Inevitably, they aren't as amazing as they think and we all die and it's somehow my fault.

    Death grip is so much fun though. XD But I don't do it unless I'm tanking on my DK.

    1. It's always the tank's fault. Whatever happens, it's the tank's fault.

      And after that they wonder why so few people want to tank.

    2. I know XD Mind you, sometimes it really is the tank's fault. But not as often as the dps would like to believe it is. Because obviously it can never be their fault.