Tuesday, April 24, 2012

I think I've become a hoarder

I think I'm going a little crazy with the transmog thing. 

I blame Mad for this. Just a little. It all started when Mad decided to come back to WoW. He created a rogue, and ever since, he's been questing his ass off, or scanning the auction house a lot to find the perfect set for his rogue lady. Which made me want to do the same.

Except I have a shitload of toons already. And he has two. His priest is already mogged up in a way that he likes, and his rogue's set is almost complete. Most of the pieces he needed came from quests. Me? Well, I've been on the lookout for a lot of pieces to finish up my 10ish uncompleted sets. Which are mostly all rare and expansive. >.>

I've been going back and forth between the old and new server to try and catch the lowest prices. Because mogging really is expensive. I've farmed some stuff, either in the world or in dungeons (which is the very fun part btw, running dungeons that is) but mostly I've been buying it off the AH. I've been pretty lucky on some pieces that I got at really low prices.

I'm having fun picking which sets I want for each of my toons, but some part of me is yelling : Stop spending your munies!! Want moar munies!!!

I don't exactly listen to the voice anymore. Because I want ALL THE PRETTIES.

I'm not broke. Far from it. But I'm not rich either. I had finally reached 100k a while back, but when Mad came back to the game, I gave him half of my "fortune". Because I love him. And he had a sad face when he realized he had only 10k left.

I'm also starting to have some trouble storing it all. My banks are full, my bags are full, even my personal guild bank is full of greens and blues.So I started using void storage. OMFG this shit is expensive!! At 25g a piece, I've already spent something like 3k gold just storing items I didn't want to use anytime soon. Because I can't sell it. What if I need it for a transmog set someday?

Hi. My name is Lyr, and I'm a hoarder.

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  1. XD oh dear! I have only played once since the advent of transmog and I didn't actually use it. I just put up auctions and collected money from ones that had sold and logged off.

    Glad you're having fun with it, but I'm sorry that it's killing all of your free space! I have the same problem on some of my alts (because I always saved gear for RP and such). Did have the handy side effect of meaning I was all set for transmog long before it was even announced. XD I am looking forward to playing again so that I can get that set up at some point.