Thursday, April 05, 2012

[BETA] And so it begins

I got my invite to the MoP Beta, and I'm really excited and happy. I logged in and created a cutie panda and she looks absolutely adorable. The first hairstyle I had picked caused the character creation to fail. Lol? So I picked another and started my adventures in Pandaland.

There's sooo many people pandas out there! It was litterally a sea of pandas. The quests are hard to do because of all the fluffy, bouncy, chubby pandas stacking up (and even going afk) on items and mobs and quest givers, but that had to be expected. 

Mad didn't get in yet, and when I told him I did, he was more excited than I was. At first I couldn't start the download, as a Blizz Agent (Mad won't give me more details about this, except that it's BAD and that it's WAY TOO LONG TO EXPLAIN) was preventing my computer from connection to the internet or... well, do anything really. I had to turn off my computer then try again. It finally worked, and it started downloading. I logged in when I had about 25% of the data downloaded. I didn't have any framerate issues or anything, despite there being a freakin' panda convention in a tiny virtual space. 

My panda (Luluna on the Lost Isles) is still only level 2, and hasn't left the first quest hub yet.

I don't know if anyone else noticed, but the first quest has a typo. It says "the" twice in a row. I'm not sure if this is a test from Blizz (no one is reporting the typo from the first quest turn in! It's too obvious! GAHH! /shutdown ) or if anyone even took the time to report this, but I won't. 

Because it's a typo in the first quest. Chances are, 500k people reported this before me.

I will be posting screenshots as soon as I figure out where the fuck the beta screenshot folder is.

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