Sunday, April 29, 2012

My pain, let me show you it

Today was the beginning of the Children's Week, and I've been worrying about this particular achivevement for days. You know. That 'chieve that everyone hates. Except maybe a couple masochistic and profoundly disturbed individuals. (But then again, some people do this daily, without the promise of getting a shiny dragon for it. That is just beyond me.)

School of Hard Knocks. How I hate you so very, very hard.

I still needed to do five dailies with my orphan out, so I went and did that, in order to delay the inevitable just a little while longer. I saw a post from Kia over at Sisterhood of Kia which gave me hope. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad after all. Maybe I would even have some fun in the process!

I was wrong. So very very wrong. But that's not Kia's fault. Her post just gave me the encouragement I needed to actually try and do it. 

I won't lie to you. SoHK was physically painful for me to do. At some point, I just /afk'd out of Eye of the Storm, thinking "Screw this. I hate Blizz. I hope they all choke and die." I may or may not have thought about ending my life right here and then. Just so I could go and haunt all the motherfuckers doing BGs during Children's Week and verbally abusing poor little noobs like me who just want their motherfucking achivement.

A couple hours later, after I had calmed down, I tried again.

My heart was beating pretty hard when I was finally able to grab the motherfucking flag and run to one of our bases. It took me one Arathi Basin, two Alterac Valley, three Eye of the Storm and one Warsong Gulch. I was pretty lucky. There were absolutely no skill involved, not on my part anyway. It might not look at much to you. I did do this in one evening. But for me, a girl who hates PvP, it felt like an eternity and then some.

There were some nice Alliance people in the second AV I joined that were re-capping towers so that we could take turns assaulting them. In AB, I let an alliance hunter assault a flag. Like, I just stood there, with my orphan out, and let him take it so that I could do mine after. But that ungrateful hoe sent his pet on me and left. 

That's what I get for being nice.

So after I died, I came back, fought those dirty, dirty Alliance bitches (no offence to Alliance readers. If you're not in my BG, making my life miserable, I heart ya.) and was able to assault a flag. 

EotS was the most crappiest, fun-sucking, unbearably painful part for me. We were all just fighting in mid, losing all our bases in some cases, just getting our asses kicked and watching others grab the flag while we were fleeing in terror, or falling to our deaths. Gotta love fear. And typhoon. And thunderfuck. Not.

Anyway. It was by shear luck that at some point I grabbed the flag AND RAN FOR MY LIFE! All the way there I was praying to anyone who could hear me to just LET ME GET THERE OMG!!1!!!1!!

Then there was only WSG left. It was the one I was most scared of. All for nothing. It took all of five minutes and I was done. Some dude came to grab our flag - in our base - alone. No backup whatsoever. Me and a warrior - who was also after the flag - beat the shit out of him, and I started spam-clicking the flag. By that time, I had stopped being helpful. Fuck him, he can get his 'chieve after I'm done. 

My heart stopped when I saw the achievement pop.

I'm so terribly glad to be done with this. I hate PvP'ing. With a passion. And being forced to PvP for a year-long meta achievement like What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been is pure torture. I don't know who had the idea, but the guy is a MORON. 

After I was done with that, I went and took my orphans for a ride, and got me two new pets. I (finally) got my third pet for Veteran Nanny. I was pretty pleased.

I'm just glad this is past me and that I won't have to redo this ever again. Hang in there if you're having a hard time completing this. It's hard. It's no fun. But if I can do this, so can you. 


  1. Well, that sounds like a fun achievement to get! Reminds me why I left this game for a galaxy far, far away ...

    ... miss ya :(

    1. Heh, it's not always this painful. Most of it is still fun to me, but we can't all love the same things!

      I miss you too! I still read your blog, though. It's still a good read. <3

  2. YAY! Congrats! Now you never have to do it again! I have not actually attempted any of it yet. Still working up the nerve. >.>

  3. YES! Alliance are dirty bitches! >:D XD Sorry. I don't really hate the players, but I've been a hordie since I was like 8 years old XD

    I'm glad you finally got your achievement! I remember doing that last year when I decided my priest needed the meta for a purple dargon! And it was painful, but luckily my priest is the character I'm most comfortable PvPing with so.. it worked out well.

    Those achievements are unreasonably hard though since they're not just about time invested but about luck in managing to click on a flag first or not getting a BG where the opposing team is too darned good at their job and you never even get to touch the darned things...

    Anyway, congrats! How many more to go for the meta?

    1. Only Midsummer Festival to go! It should be quite easy, except maybe the juggling part, because I suck. I might just have my bf do it for me, though. 'Cause I'm spoiled like that. ^^

    2. hehe juggling is a huge pain! I completely understand. It took me ages to figure out how to do that properly! People kept trying to explain it and I kept failing and then guildies would offer to do it for me and I'd refuse out of sheer stubbornness. XD Congratulations on being so close though! That's awesome! :D