Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Just enjoying the game

If you read my other blog's last post, you know that WoW is my favourite game at the moment.

I was very bored with WoW for a while. A pretty long while. After I stopped raiding right before christmas, I started playing Swtor and hardly ever logged on WoW. 

But when Mists of Pandaria Beta was announced, I suddenly felt the urge to play WoW again. 

Ever since, I've created new toons, switched servers and started getting ready for the new expansion, even if we don't know when it will hit the live servers.

I started by selling all the herbs, ores, gems, volatiles, fishes and pots I had on the auction house. That made a lot of room in my bags! I've also cleared my personal guild bank and my bank alt's inventory. I stored all the transmog gear I have either in void storage or in the guild bank, and gathered all my heirlooms on the same toon. I've finished maxing all my characters professions (5 points of jewelcrafting here, 200 points of archeology there, and some fishing/cooking as well). Fishing is so easy to level nowadays! I remember back when your cast could fail ALL THE TIME, and you had to be in specific zones, and it took something like 20 fish to gain ONE LOUSY SKILL POINT. Ahem. Now, it takes less than 5 fish to gain a point, and with the dailies, it's almost too easy.

But most of all, I've been hunting/farming transmog gear. It's so fun to make different sets for all my toons, trying different colors, different styles. 

It's funny how everything that seemed boring before is now fun again. Mad and I have left our current server to join a new and better one. We've each started an alt (him a rogue and me a prot pally) and have been having a blast levelling them through the dungeon finder this weekend.

I've also got access to the beta last week, but I haven't played it much yet, firstly because Mad plays it, and secondly, because there's just way too many people. I've tried running Temple of the Jade serpent, and as it had to be expected, it's bugged a lot, but that's not so bad. The bad part is that my game crashes every five minutes. After the seventh time, I stopped trying and went to bed. All I know is that the first boss sucks for melee classes. I was on a monk, and I have to admit, I'm not particularly in love with the playstyle so far. The energy/chi thing sorta feels like a rogue's combo points, except there's 3-4 of them instead of five, and I'm not a huge fan of rogues. But that's fine. Panda ladies are absolutely adorable, and I can't wait to have one. But I'm not sure yet if I'll bother making a monk.

There will be thousands of em running around, anyway.

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