Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Favourite transmog sets : Hunter Edition

My hunter is one of my favourite characters, so of course I had to go and find some good transmog outfits for her. I found it hard though to find sets that I really loved. It felt like the cloth classes have a lot more options than the mail ones. These are my favourite mail sets so far.

This is a PvP set from the Burning Crusade Era. I farmed a lot of honor for it, and it was a pain, since I hate PvP with a burning passion. But I kept going. It was for a good cause, after all. However, the matching boots and belt are not available in game anymore. So I looked on the AH and bought some "somewhat" matching pieces, but they do clash a bit (a lot). It was the best I could do at the time. For the belt, I used Ebonhold Girlde and the Pack-Ice Striders for the boots (not shown), which you can buy for JP in Dalaran. You could probably use the Ebonhold Boots, and it would probably be a better match. They are a bit expensive on the AH though, so you might want to farm it. 

I've always wanted this black set, as there aren't many black mail sets, except maybe for the Ebonhold Mail that is pretty damn hard to farm and usually very expensive on the Auction House.

This set is a mix-and-match of a couple sets. I found the pants on the Auction House and I just knew I needed to use it for a transmog set. It was sexy and gorgeous. I didn't love the whole Battleforge set (and it was way too expensive anyway, and I didn't feel like farming it all, I'm so lazy, and this parenthesis needs more commas in my opinion), so I looked for replacement pieces. So here's what I used.

Polearm : Hellion Glaive (not shown)

I love the colors, and I love how sexy it makes my hunter. I know there are a gazillion other hunters out there looking just like that, but I don't care. Naesa loves to wear this outfit, and will cheer at anyone she sees wearing the same! The bow is one of my favourites, and I actually use it with other sets, even if it doesn't always fit. It's just so gorgeous.

I farmed this set in BC dungeons. It took me two days of farming. I didn't like the boots that were suggested, so I got another model on the Auction House, that I feel matches very well with the outfit. The polearm I use with this set is the Sonic Spear, which drops off Murmur in the Shadow Labyrinths. 

The fourth and last set is the 25man version of the hunter's tier 10 set from ICC. This was one of the first set I got, back at the end of WotLK. With this, I use Zod's Repeating Longbow.

I guess I'm just too picky, but I wish I could find more mail outfits that I love. My poor hunter is feeling so neglected compared to my mage. If you have great mail outfits that can be used for hunters, let me know! Happy transmogging!

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