Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The reverse bucket list

I read this post over on Bravetank's blog, and I totally wanted to make my own list. So here goes!

I have never ...

1. levelled a lock or rogue to the level cap. The rogue got to 75 but I was so bored out of my mind that I deleted her. The many locks I tried to level never reached level 41. I intend to change that soon. The lock part, that is.

2. played a worgen, dwarf or gnome character. And never will. Because they creep me out.

3. actually participated in a fight for Tol Barad. I did join one once, a couple minutes before we lost. And I don't even really remember. So it doesn't count.

4. tanked any raids. Nor do I intend to. I might try to tank some heroic dungeons, though.

5. did any of the classic raids except for Molten Core, and it wasn't current content when I did. 

6. finished Vashj'ir. God I hate that zone. It's beautiful and all, but it's just so damn annoying. 

7. even thought about getting a legendary. I'm plain and simply too impatient. But I am jealous and envious of those who do have one.

8. healed properly. (Oh hello cooldowns that I fail to use!) To level it's no big deal. You can heal dungeons with a dps spec until OL, but at endgame, it's another story.

9. tried unholy on my dk. Of all my characters, I think it's the only spec I've never tried. I do have an unholy spec, (in a fit of rage after a failed attempt at dk tanking, I respec'd unholy. Bite me.) but I've never actually used it. I just love Frost way too much.

10. found the right guild for me. Over the years, my bf and I have been in many different guilds, but it never seemed to work out in the end. Either we're too picky, or we've just been unlucky.

Well, that was fun. It took me a while to find 10 things I had never done, as it feels like I've tried a little bit of everything. I'm sure I'll think of more after I hit the publish button, though.


  1. Funny how Vasjir is appearing on a few of the lists - it really is an awful zone. Glad I'm not the only one not getting a legendary!!

    1. From reading other people's lists, I've realized there's more stuff I've never done, like RBGs and Arena, nor did I ever participate in any fishing contests.

      It's fun to see others make their own list. It was a very nice idea you had. =)

  2. Vash was tremendously painful for Horde at release, since the quests were bugged and didn't provide any Earthen Ring rep. Given that Hyjal had far fewer "go do this random unrelated stuff before you can carry on with the story" quests and had people hitting Revered by the end of the zone, Vash just became a pitiful joke.

    Rep bug was only fixed months later, and while some quests are absolutely brilliant, there's been no effort to remove the cloying filler from the main quest progression. Not to mention that the FL patch made progression in Hyjal mandatory anyway for the Molten Front. A shame, since visually Vash is like nothing else I've seen.

    Anyway... no rogues? And you call yourself an altoholic? :P (my second's almost capped. deleted the first at cap because... er... he was boring. >_<)