Monday, May 28, 2012

To all of you, retards from the Retard Finder

To all of you, retards from the Retard Finder.

When the Retard Finder was introduced in your favourite game, you thought: "Great! I've never raided before, but now I can!" And you were happy. You queue'd as a healer to get in faster, with no intention whatsoever to actually heal, and then you dps'd. You stood in the black goo on Morchock and had a puzzled look on your face when you died. You didn't switch to the oozes on the third boss because you didn't even know why (mostly) everyone else was. You didn't press the weird looking button on Ultraxxion and got healed through the ouchie by the other five healers. You killed countless corruptions on Spine, spawning way too many Big Bads, and then you killed the only one that had 9 stacks. On the fourth platform of Madness of Deathwing, you didn't switch to the tentacles (like many others, because you thought that you could dps the limb before the tentacles killed us all, and you - unsurprisingly - failed) and then we wiped.

And when someone called you on it, you bitched. You called us elitists assholes for telling you to step up your game. And when you had no other argument, you said something along the lines of: "it's not a real raid, it's the Retard Finder."

But those "easy-not-even-a-real-raid" bosses can wipe us, even in the fucking Retard Finder. Wipes cost gold. Hard earned gold. I'm sick and tired of wiping to easy shit, and spending all my gold on repairs, because of fuckers like you.

So to all of you cumbuckets, noobs or WoW veterans alike : fuck you sideways. If you can't be bothered to try and do your part, at least have the decency to shut the fuck up when you screw up. Ya, we wiped. And we're gonna go again. Try not to fuck up the same fucking way next time, mkay? 

- An exasperated (and slightly impatient) altoholic.


  1. agree agree agree agree!!
    cannot agree more!! lol

  2. Yeah, gotta love those 'healers' in LFR...

    Is it just me, or is the general quality of people in dungeons and LFR really scraping the bedrock in the hole under the barrel these past couple of weeks?

    (ugh, blogger's sending me into an infinite loop when I try to comment with my OpenId. whyyyy)

    1. Obviously, the Raid Finder isn't easy enough, because lots of people still fail to it.

      If I wanted to wipe endlessly on bosses, I'd be doing heroic progression.