Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I'm the biggest idiot ever

I just now went to Darkmoon Faire Island to check it out.

Oh. My. God.

I haven't had that much fun in, well, quite some time. Why the fuck didn't I pay attention to people saying how cool the DMF Island is? How can anyone resist a fun evening at the Faire?

Jori started by visiting the animals. She particularly liked to see Mabaka the giraffe, Violet the tallstrider and Gargantua the gorilla.

Jori then played some mini games, scored some achievements, rode a pony, got a cute little sea pony companion pet, drank beer and ate Corn-Breaded Sausages until she couldn't eat any more.

Cassie and Jessie went to the Faire as well, but they only did their professions quests for some bonus points. Cassie wants to try and get enough Darkmoon Prize tickets to buy a Darkmoon cub. Naesa might try to get one as well. She heard how much fun Jori had tonight and decided to go and check it out for herself. As for Jori, she wants to adopt an adorable Darkmoon turtle. They're all looking forward to next month! (And I sorta wish I had started this sooner. At least I'm not looking to buy any of the more expensive mounts.)


When Cassie went back to the Faire to try out the mini-games, she came across a dancing bear that was just sitting there.

She started dancing, and he soon joined her!

And she also saw the Strongest Woman Alive!

And later, Naesa got her very own Sea Pony!

Lastly, Naesa went to the L90ETC concert and had a blast! The music was amazing, and she danced her little heart out!

 She may or may not have left with Sig Nicious after the show. Rock stars are hawt, trufax.


  1. This was cute! I'm not really a fan of doing DMF, but my alts could certainly do with going through for the profession points! Loved the stories, and the pictures :)

    1. Thank you!

      I really enjoyed it for some reason. Maybe because to me it's a new thing. Or maybe I'm that big of a dork. XD

  2. I must be a dork too then because I like DMF as well. It's one holiday-ish events that I don't mind taking several alts through. I still can't convince my husband that it's fun though. He's never been.

    1. I wanted nothing to do with the DMF for some reason, until last night that is. I must have read something somewhere that made me want to go. I regret nothing.

      When I told my boyfriend that I was having a blast at the Faire, he just nodded and kept killing pedestrians in GTA4.

  3. "Rock stars are hawt, trufax." QFT! I like the DMF, too. :-D

    1. Naesa had the mother of all headaches this morning when she woke up alone in a cheap motel room, but it was all worth it.

  4. DMF is one of my favorite things in game right now! MUST have all the mounts and pets! (I've gotten both mounts and two pets so far :-) ) I do it on my alts when I'm in the mood, but I have to be careful not to burn myself out (the first two months I did it on 5 of them....all of it!)

    I really enjoyed reading this blog, it was very fun!

    1. At the moment I'm doing it on three characters only, because just like you I didn't want to burn myself out doing it on all my alts. The Faire will still be there in a couple months, I have plenty of time to get stuff on my other toons at some point in the future.

      Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. =)