Monday, May 14, 2012

My end-of-expansion bucket list

I've seen several bloggers make a bucket list for all the things they want to do in game. Aralosseien over at Achievements Ahoy has made a list (back in january, I know, I'm late to the party) of a couple bloggers who made one. I love bucket lists, and I feel it helps to get ready for the incoming expansion. So I decided to make my very own bucket list. It can be found here as a permanent page for easier updates on my progress. (It's actually been there for quite a while, but I decided to make a post about it.)

I want to do all those things before MoP is released, but I probably won't. I sometimes go crazy and score a lot of achievements, grind rep and farm stuff like there's no tomorrow, then I get burned out and stop for months. I've been trying to go slowly this time and do just a little bit of grinding each week so I can get things done. There are still several weeks if not months before the pandas get here, so I think I can realistically get at least a good chunk of those done before MoP, and the rest after. It doesn't really matter when I do it. I always get sidetracked anyway and end up doing something completely different. The point is to have fun, after all.

- Farm the Raven Lord from Anzu. (Yay for stealth!)
- Get a cute RP outfit for fishing or hanging out in Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.
- Find a good transmog set. (or two...)
- Level fishing to 525. (250)
- Gear her up to at least 378 ilvl. (375)

- Finish Loremaster of Northrend (Zul'Drak, Icecrown, Storm Peaks.)
- Get a Darkmoon cub or balloon.
- Get two trinkets from the Raid Finder.

- Finish The Oceanographer. (Winter Squid)
- Farm Embersilk cloth.
- Make enough 22 slot bags for all my level 85 toons' inventories and banks.
- Make a couple Hyjal Expedition Bags for the druid.
- Finish What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been. (Midsummer Festival)
- Complete The Burning Crusader. (Thrallmar, Lower City, Keepers of Time, The Sha'tar)
- Raise 35 reputations to exalted. (31)
- Finish Loremaster of Cataclysm (Vashj'ir - about 75 quests.)
- Finish Loremaster of Outland (Blade's Edge Mountain, Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm.)
- Complete Loremaster of Kalimdor.
- Complete Loremaster of Eastern Kingdoms.
- Complete 3000 quests and get the Seeker title. (2096)
- Get a Darkmoon turtle.
- Get tier 4 set for transmog.

- Level to 85. (70)
- Level mining to 525. (390)
- Level blacksmithing to 525. (375)
- Get a Darkmoon cub.
- Gear her up to at least 378 ilvl.
- Reach exalted reputation with Shattered Sun Offensive; buy the tabard, title and shields.
- Get tier 6 set for transmog.

- Level to 85. (72)
- Level skinning to 525. (448)
- Level leatherworking to 525. (400)
- Level fishing to 525. (94)
- Farm the Giantstalker recolor set for transmog.
- Gear her up to at least 378 ilvl.

- Try to level a warlock and not give up at 40 like the last five times (or six, or seven....)
- Buy the heirloom leather helms from the guild vendor.
- Find a good name for my future panda lady and pick her professions.
- Level engineering on a character. Any character. 'Cause... goggles.
- Transfer my warrior and death knight over to the new server. At some point. Maybe.
- Get the warrior some tank gear and try tanking.

I think that's all for now. I might update it if I ever find something else I want to do. It's quite a big list, and it should keep me busy for a good while. I have to say I'm really excited for account wide achievements, as I notice I have a lot of stuff done on different characters. My mage is sitting at around 8600 achievement points right now, and I'm pretty sure when they all get merged, I will hit Over Nine Thousand, if not more. This list would be a lot longer if I wasn't counting on some titles and rewards to be available to my alts in a couple months.

For example, I wanted to get the Guardian of Cenarius title for my druid, and the Argent Champion title for my paladin, but since my mage already got those, I decided to wait and see if it will be given to all my characters in MoP before re-farming it all. Would really hate to waste time doing it again for nothing.


  1. That is a massive bucket! I've focused on my druid to do a bucket list on, and so far I've been chipping at it. I have some rep I want to finish, but since I'm working on loremaster, I think I'm going to wait and see where I am on the rep grind after that, before I start farming for it.


    I too am wondering about some of the achievement sharing, because I don't want to waste time on something I have on another character...or skip it and not get credit.

    1. I think there will still be time to get achievements we're not sure about *after* MoP is released, as there are no indications that any of the achievements that are available now are going away.

      I guess the best bet is to wait and see. Some of those achievements are pretty long to complete, and it would suck to do it for nothing if they get shared in the future.