Sunday, May 06, 2012

Too much or not enough

When Mad and I switched servers, we both created new alts. What else can you do on a new server? 

As expected, my baby shaman picked skinning and leatherworking as her professions and I've been having lots of fun farming leather with her. I often made up to two levels per farming session just by getting enough mats to make 50 points of leatherworking. The only part I didn't enjoy as much was the part where I had to kill Nyxondra's Broodlings in Badlands, just behind New Kargath. There's an elite there that kept aggroing me, and even though I had no problem killing her whatsoever, it took a pretty long time, and it felt like a waste of time, as she didn't give more leathers than the small, quickly killed ones. Although, those bastards are swarming the place, and you can't ever run out of mobs to kill, so it was pretty quick nonetheless, even though I needed over 400 leathers from them.

The shamy is now level 71 and healing Northrend dungeons for Mad's dk tank. Outland went by so fast I barely felt it. Mad was tanking and I was healing, so we just chain-dungeon'd our way to 70. We probably won't do the same for Northrend, though, and will probably add some questing into the mix. Healing isn't my favourite thing in the world, and I could really use a break and just go an destroy monsters and collect their hide.

The second alt I rolled was a prot paladin which is now level 60! I got tired of running BRD - which is the only instance you get for something like 6 or seven levels -  so I went to quest for a while in Blasted Land and it was pretty nice. The Tainted Forest looks kinda cool, too.

For the record, questing as prot is fucking amazing. Avenger’s Shield procs and does insane amount of damage, and I ended up two-shotting mobs of my level.

After that I started tanking Ramparts and the Blood Furnace. It went pretty smoothly. Except for the stupid DKs dying to every single mother fucking bombs in BF. Or the fucktard hunter that pulled everything in sight "because I wasn't pulling fast enough". /stranglekittens

Healers never complained about my tanking, and they never looked to struggle at all. I was also pretty proud of myself for not snapping at the DK that kept death gripping mobs THAT I WAS TANKING OMG LEARN TO DEATH GRIP FOR FUCK’S SAKE!!! THERE’S A CASTER RIGHT THERE! DG IT!! NOT THE MELEE I HAD AGGRO ON!!! 

Tanking makes me rage more than anything else in this game. People just have no respect for tanks whatsoever. (At lower levels anyway. I have yet to level a tank to the max level.) And after that they wonder why there are so few tanks out there. Some groups are great, and don't "order" me to pull faster, or just don't plain pull shit - while I'm waiting for Avenger's Shield to come off cooldown - and then complain that I didn't pick it up. 

Because you just know that if I catch you pulling shit on purpose, I'm letting you tank it. I've heard people complain about tanks that do that, that it's the tank's problem no matter what, but I completely, violently, disagree. I don't have to put up with people's shit. That's not what I signed up for. You wanna be a dick and pull half the instance? Go for it. But don't expect me to clean up your mess. The low level mage aggroes by accident? The lock's pet decided to misbehave and runs into a pack of mob? Eh, no worries, shit happens. But don't stand there, tab-targettting and shooting mobs that weren't pulled yet, and think for just one fucking second that I'll go out of my way to taunt them off you.

I didn't intend this to be a "bitch about fucktards in pugs" post, but there it is. I love to tank. It's a lot of fun. Healers are usually great and really know their stuff, and I can count on them when the shit hits the fan. But for some reason, the dps are often complete idiots and I wonder why that is.


  1. I have tried tanking, I have a prot warrior and a prot pally both at level 85....who sit in the bank and look pretty. I get too annoyed with people..I mean I get annoyed when I'm healing stupid people but when I'm tanking for those same people, I get enraged...Especially when they pull aggro LOL!

    1. I love tanking, so sometimes I suck it up and do my best, but some people just suck the fun right out of it.

      It would probably be better if I wasn't tanking for pugs, but I'm on a new server, and I don't really have a guild at the moment.

  2. Pugs are fucktards and you just can't bitch about that enough, IMO. I mean there are good pugs sometimes, but really... I shouldn't have to throw a party every time I get a decent one. It should be more like the times it's bad are worth mentioning because they're so infrequent and shocking.

    Alas... life is not that kind.

    Glad you are enjoying things aside from those issues! Avenger's shield is so much fun. I was a bit confused about the changes to paladin tanking in Cata but the new procs for that make me quite happy.

  3. Questing in Prot is RIDICULOUS.

    Step 1: Round up entire zone.
    Step 2: Consecrate, Avenger Shield, 1-2 more AoE's and Hammers.
    Step 3: Loot and level three times.

    As for PuGs, they are an adventure no matter what your role. DPS? They'll gripe about your numbers (regardless of what they might be). Healer? You get the tank who runs 40 rooms ahead or the Mage who thinks they can offtank an instance. Tanks? You get the dps who either do no damage, or pull everything. *sigh* It's a vicious cycle really.

    Just came across this blog via traffic directed my way. Very nice!

    1. Hey, thx for stopping by! Always happy to make new friends! =P