Sunday, May 27, 2012

Quick Post : On my own

After weeks of waiting for Mad to play his DK tank with me, I've decided to just level on my own. My poor shaman was stuck at level 72 for way too long. Diablo kidnapped Mad and won't give him back. He did ask me to play D3 with him, but I just don't feel like it. For some reason. I played the beta a bit and liked it, and from what I've seen/read so far, it's an amazingly good game, but I just don't wanna play just yet. I will though. For sure. Some day. And it will be as a wizard.

But anyway.

My paladin is now level 80, and I'm waiting on her to gather some rested xp before going any further. So until then, I've started levelling the shamy again. I switched to her elemental spec and queued for dungeons. I'm having a total blast pew-pewing monsters with lightning bolts of doom. And I use thunderstorm only when there aren't any mobs around, because I'm considerate like that. It'd be easy to lash out in vengeance for all the times I've had dps knock the mobs out of my reach when I'm tanking (must knock back ALL THE THINGS! /evil laugh) but I don't. 

Even though some tanks kinda deserve it. >.>

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