Thursday, June 21, 2012

French fun

On WoW Insider, there's a list of all the WoW "What's your game" commercials. There's one among them that I didn't know existed. It's an European commercial.

As you might be aware of (or not), I'm from Quebec. That means that I speak french. Canadian French. As a by product, I can also understand European French. 

Meet Jean-Claude Van Damme. That guy was a bad ass when I was a kid. He was our French Jet-Li. Now he does WoW commercials.

I don't know how funny it can be for someone who doesn't speak French. But it made me laugh so hard, I had to share. Especially at 0:18. Imagine Schwarzenegger, talking about fluffy bunnies.

Anyway, enjoy. I'm curious, is it still funny even if you might not know exactly what he's saying? Let me know in the comments!

Edit: Corrected typos.


  1. "Mouton!" AHAHAHAHA

    My mother is French Canadian, but I don't speak it very well at all - the private school I attended didn't include French until I graduated. Only being able to understand bits and pieces, it was still pretty funny. ;)

    1. When he says : "Un mouton!" it's more how his voice sounds and the way he moves that makes it funny, imo. ^^

      Glad you enjoyed it. =)

  2. I found it funny! I speak like... two words of french maybe? XD My family is French Canadian but they moved here before I was born so I didn't learn any of it.

  3. I have seen that one! Though I didn't quite understand it, it sounded sexy all that French!