Monday, June 11, 2012

Patience wearing thin

Cassie the pally finally managed to get some plate pieces to drop from random HoT heroics this weekend, and reached an item level of 374. She had no luck for days, and then one day almost everything dropped for her, and she was able to queue for the Raid Finder. Her dps isn't as good as I'd like it to be, but I didn't get thrown out of a raid so far, and she always managed to stay in the middle of the pack, dps-wise. We did wipe several times on Ultraxxion, which was totally sad, but it wasn't because of my somewhat low dps, but because of people not being able to press a button at the right moment. 

Nonetheless, Cassie got some nice tier shoulders and new boots out of RF Dragon Soul. Now all she'd need would be a trinket, a belt, and possibly another piece of tier so she can get her two set bonus, which makes her judgement give holy power as well. That would be a nice improvement, considering I still struggle with keeping Inquisition up (refreshing it too soon is something I'd like to work on) and using her cooldowns as efficiently as possible. (which I'm getting better at, but generating holy power faster would definitely be a plus.)

I was very happy when Pit Lord Destroyer dropped for her from Well of Eternity, as she was still rockin' an axe from Zul'Aman. Plus, I think it looks really good. I think I might start looking for a transmog set that will match with it. Her gear looks like hell at the moment, as I haven't transmogged it at all since level 80 or so. I'm waiting to see if I can get her some gear in the Raid Finder tomorrow before I go and transmog her, though.

Cassie has also started running Magister's Terrace daily to gain rep with the Shattered Sun Offensive, and for a chance at the mount. It's a lot of fun to gather whole rooms at a time and Divine Storm all the things.

The hunter is still running daily Underbog as well to try and get her last piece of the Giantstalker recolor set. The pants are the last piece missing, and it's been eluding her for days.Hopefully she will get lucky soon. I'm enjoying the daily routine of Sethekk Halls, Underbog, Magister's Terrace, cooking/fishing dailies that I'm rockin' at the moment with a couple characters, but I'm eager to get it all done and just casually level my lock or something for a while. My shaman still needs to reach level 85, and then the grind for gear and leather will start all over again. 

There really needs to be some kind of MoP announcement sometime soon. I'm trying really hard to keep myself busy with stuff in and outside of WoW, but I have very little patience to begin with. 

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