Thursday, June 07, 2012

If you have nothing nice to say, just shut up.

Last night, I took the pally out for her first night of heroic dungeons. It was a disaster.

I got Grim Batol as my first heroic. As you might have guessed, we didn't kill a single boss. We kept wiping, because the healer went down, and the herp derp druid couldn't figure out how to battle rez him. I dropped group and re-queue'd. After a couple of dungeons that went relatively well, I was lucky enough to get a group of awesome people. We stayed together for hours, doing something like seven randoms together, netting me lots of gear, and some achievements. We even made the bear run in Zul'aman, and made a warlock very happy.

So in one evening, I went from 330 item level to 358. After Zul'Aman the group disbanded, as everyone was getting tired. But I kept going. I tried to do some Hour of Twilight dungeons, only to get a dps piece get ninja'd by the tank, and the rest went to another dps. 

Now. In all fairness, I shouldn't have queue'd for the HoT dungeons. I was tired. It was late. When I got into End Time, the people in there weren't as nice as my previous group. The healer kept saying something that no one seemed to understand. He kept repeating it, so I told him, not very nicely, that it made no sense in WoW to say that. And he said that he'd been playing WoW for years, and that he'd been saying it for years. I should have just dropped it. 

I mean, sure you can use other game terms in WoW, you can use em for years, but it doesn't mean that other people will understand what you're saying. I haven't played with every single people that play WoW. So I guess it's possible that I've just never played with someone using those terms before. But I've been playing for a very long time, too, asshat. If you have to repeat yourself five times so we get what you're saying, maybe you should take a hint?

Anyway, I was wrong, I shouldn't have told them anything. They can say whatever the hell they wanna say. But everything annoyed me to no end at the time. Especially the hunter who kept posting recount to show how awesome his dps was compared to mine (bite me, my gear is shit, I suck at ret, and you're a goddamn hunter. Anyone with half a brain can do good dps with a low-geared hunter.) and then linked all his gear in chat (one item per line mind you) to show us all the upgrades he needed. 

But I should have just let it go. I shouldn't let this get to me. That's why I'm usually silent in random dungeons. If you have nothing nice to say, just shut up. 


  1. You are like the most introspective and kind person I've ever met XD I really admire the fact that even when you lose your temper or think something less-than-nice, you turn around and feel bad about it and encourage other people not to do the same thing. I meet so many mean-spirited people who would do way worse things than you and not feel the slightest bit of guilt or even realize they'd done anything that might have been mean or 'wrong'.

    I'm glad that your initial dungeons went well, but sorry they got worse later on. I understand though as I've been known to stay up later than I should doing dungeons when I no longer had the patience or energy for it. It can be hard to stop when you really want to gear out a new alt.

    1. /blush

      Thank you! <3

      I feel bad for being mean, because a lot of people are so often mean to me or people around me, I know how it feels. I don't want to inspire the same feelings in others. Anyone can slip, because they had a bad day or whatever, but there are more than enough asshats out there, no need to add any more.

  2. It's sorta rare to get a good group nowadays. The hardest thing to say is nothing...

    1. Sometimes it's hard to not say anything. So many mean stuff often pop in my head. But it's better not to say anything, because it most likely won't change anything. And it always just leaves me feeling bad or pissed off.