Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Repeat after me : everything is fair game in the Raid Finder.

I was in the Looking for Retards last night, again, because I'm after one last trinket for my hunter. It's all she needs to get rid of her last 378 piece, so every week, I queue for the RF, and hope for the best.

It went pretty smoothly yesterday, for the most part. But there was this warrior tank who rolled on a tier helm token. I didn't bother looking him up, but apparently, he already had a tier helm. Or something. And there was this shaman who kept asking for the token in chat. And lots of people were making fun of him.

Sounds familiar? Probably.

But it made me think. What if the warrior needed that for his offspec? What exactly is the proper etiquette for offspec? Say he's a decently geared tank, but his dps set still has some blues, or God forgive some greens, and he is missing a trinket. What's he supposed to do? Queue as a dps anyway and do what will most likely be terrible dps and roll on upgrades? Or queue as a tank and roll on offspec pieces?

I'm not sure if there is a good answer to that question. People will find ways to complain anyway. About his terrible dps, or about him rolling on offspec pieces. 

In groups, it's usually "need on stuff you can use, and for the spec you're in now, and for offspec only if no one else needs it." But in LFR, you see boomkins rolling on agility trinkets and all sorts of shits. I used to bitch at people doing that. I still kinda do. Because I never roll on stuff I don't need. (The only time I rolled on something I didn't need but wanted for transmog, I felt bad and gave it to someone who needed it.)

It seems that in the Raid Finder, to a lot of people, everything is fair game. If you get in there with the assumption that everyone will roll only on gear they really need for main spec, you will be pissed and disappointed. But if you go in there knowing that most people will roll on everything they can roll on, you won't be as pissed and disappointed when you lose the roll. Well maybe you will, but probably a bit less. 

It's not even a matter of what is fair and what isn't, or even about courtesy and being nice to other people. In the Raid Finder, it's every man for himself. So I've decided to change my expectations, instead of trying to change people. I am willing to give something I won because I feel bad about taking it. Most people wouldn't do that. I can't expect them to.

So when I lose a roll, I won't even look at who won it. I won't inspect them. It's not worth it.

Edit: After re-reading my post and a comment, I realized this sounds a lot more pessimistic and grumpy then I intended it to be. Long story short, I don't deserve gear more than anyone else, and should learn to be zen about the whole thing. My expectations about how people act in the Raid Finder is wrong. So this post is basically about me, needing to learn to let go and not get mad when I lose a roll. I blame lack of sleep for this crappily written post.


  1. I've actually received at least 3 tier tokens across various characters by simply whispering in a friendly tone the winner of said token. I mention that I totally understand if they don't want to trade it, even if it's for their Off Off Spec (looking at you, paladins) and I say 'I figured it didn't hurt to ask!' and BAM.. more people than you think realize that hey, their ms could really use this for their 4 set or 2 set, and this will be my 3rd helm!

    Thus, I do still inspect, and I whisper them nicely and don't expect it to work. :P ;)

    1. That's great! It actually did work for me a couple times, too. Sometimes I didn't even ask for it and someone opened a trade with me and offered me the item. There *are* really nice people in the Raid Finder, that's for sure. But in my experience, they are a minority. I'm just saying I'm not expecting anyone to act nice. Because most people won't. I guess I just usually see the glass half-empty. XD

      I think it's easier for me to just learn to accept it when I lose a roll rather then whispering someone and ask for it. Others are rolling on the same gear I want. And I don't deserve it more than them.

      So I guess all I'm trying to say is: my expectations were wrong, and everything in RF is fair game. And I should just learn to be zen about it.

      Thanks for commenting! =)

  2. I guess I don't really do LFR and I don't get so annoyed about loot because sometimes I think I'll get lucky and that's all good. And I admit it, I do cheat. I take friends along (if I was going it) and if they are the same tier or item, we all roll on it and it pass it along to each other. Yes, that is annoying for everyone else. But we also do it to control the trolls too. If we get something we immediately give it to someone else who needs it (we inspect other's gear and stuff) if it's not what we want so then we can avoid the nasty asswipe who needs it and DE's it because he needed the money... but I do admit, I put ourselves first, and then the others second. Bad maybe, but I don't do it to be malicious.

    1. That's an interesting point. It can be annoying when other people do that, but I agree that it beats letting gear go to someone who will vendor or DE it for the cash.

  3. I had an addon that would only tell me who won the item, keeping all that roll spam out of my window, couldnt get rid of all the people complaining though but I find that if I do not know who rolled on the item I dont have the desire to try to find a "who scored second highest" if I find I am in need of an item that is only a minor upgrade, I just tell everyone that it is for my other set (heals/kitty) and be done with it. if I see that someone in the raid needs it more than I do I am free to give it to them without the whole "but x rolled second highest" guilt that I frequently found myself in.

    been on the recieving end of a charity roll a few times, try to repeat the favor with as little guilt towards the "true" owner as I can get.

    1. I think it's hard to tell what is fair and what isn't when it comes to the raid finder, as it depends on which side you are. The only constant, for me, is the guilt. That is why I don't ask for items, nor do I roll for other people. Because it just makes me feel bad.