Sunday, June 03, 2012

Keeping busy

I spend all my time lately working on my bucket list. So much to do! And it seems like the list is still as big as when I started. So here's what I did in the last couple days :

The mage is finally done with the rep farming (at least for now). She reached exalted reputation with the Keepers of time saturday and finally finished The Burning Crusader. She got some new tabards, for which I'd love to  find some nice transmog outfits to match. Right.

Keepers of time, the Sha'tar and Thrallmar.

The paladin is now level 83, her mining is maxed out and her Blacksmithing is at 517. Not bad at all! Out of the blue last night, when I realized the Faire was coming at midnight, I decided I had to farm all the things and level BS as much as I could. The DMF gives a free 5 points for your professions, and I wanted to use that 5 point for the last part of BS, those last omg-so-close-but-oh-so-much-mats! points, and not the easy turn-bars-into-X-amount-of-other-things part. 

I levelled her fishing to 300 as well, as she got a Bone Fishing Pole from a daily and couldn't use it before level 300. I'm still hoping the Jeweled Fishing Pole will drop for her, as it would fit better than the Bone one.

I also created a baby warlock this week, and finally decided to roll it as a goblin on a whim. I'd been asking myself for days which race it should be, and then I just picked one and ran with it. To get her ready for the Faire, I leveled all her professions to 75...and then kept going. Engineering and Alchemy are maxed at 225 and 240 respectively, as she can't get farther before level 35. I plan on farming the necessary mats soon, before we get the cross-realm zones and all the goodies get taken by people from other servers.

I had planned on levelling her to 15, so she'd be ready to do some dungeons and quests whenever MoP came out, but I wanted to keep doing the cooking and fishing dailies until then, so I levelled her to 20 and bought her mount. Running around Orgrimmar killing boars for their bacon or stealing rice from the trolls really sucks when you're on foot.

The shaman surprised me last night, as she decided she wanted the bear mount from the Darkmoon Faire. I had decided I would only go after the pets, but change of plans I guess! There's no way I'll get it this month though, but I'm confident I can get it in July. So I thought only the lock would need to do her dailies this week, but turns out I have two toons that will be running them! To get the shamy more tickets, I've decided to level her archaeology to 75 so she can do the monthly quest as well. It's only worth 3 tickets a month, but it's better than nothing. It'll save me 6 dailies somewhere!

Levelling Archaeology on a shamy really is no fun when you don't have insta-cast Ghost Wolf. At least on my mage I have blink. But I did get a rare, which is kinda cool even if I wish I had gotten it on the mage. (Sigh) It gave her a title (her first one), Assistant Professor. Doesn't quite fit, but it'll do for now.

It feels like I've done a lot, but the list still goes on! The druid is still running Sethek Halls daily for the Raven Lord, but no luck so far. The pally should be 85 this week, if all goes according to plan. I still need to work on professions a bit, but I need to get the pally and shaman to 85 asap, in part because I want to gear them somewhat before the next expansion (more gear means the mobs die faster!), and because I want to be able to queue for the Midsummer holiday boss in less than three weeks! I love how all those things keep me busy until we get new content, but I swear when I'm done, I won't farm anything for as long as I can.


  1. "I swear when I'm done, I won't farm anything for as long as I can."

    I've leveled each profession at least once. Most of it was done between 4.1 and 4.2, so mats were plentiful, if not expensive.

    Since I've recently entered the world of gold making, I realized I could make more gold with more jewelcrafters and alchemists. Enter the world of SUCK! There are few mats on the AH, and when I find them, I buy them quickly so that I don't have to farm, even if it might be days/weeks before I get to that level. For other things, I farm. I hate farming.

    I've gathered more freaking ore and herbs in the past month than I did when leveling my gathering professions, and I'm with you - 1 JC at 215 (and he's my last), and 2 alchemists who haven't started. When I'm done, I'M. NOT. FARMING. AGAIN. EVER.

    It sounds like you care for each of your toons, which is admirable. Me? Not so much. I care about what "this" toon or "that" toon wears, but rep, mounts, titles? Nope. That stuff belongs on my main, knowing that a lot of it will get shared among my alts in MoP. I don't care that my tank is wearing "The Seeker" and has only finished 100 quests, or that my mage is "Assistant Professor" and doesn't even have the Archaeology profession. My other toons are there to fund my main, nothing more.

    1. Yeah, caring for all my characters is both a blessing and a curse. I wish I could just care about only one, but I don't. There was a time when I hated farming, but now it's kinda fun, though I can't explain exactly why. Levelling professions is fun for me at the moment, so I just enjoy it while it lasts!

  2. Tell your Druid not to give up, it took mine years and 158 Anzu kills but he finally let her have her bird mount!

    1. Grats! And thank you, I will tell her. ;)

  3. Lists are excellent - yours has lots on it! I'm going to link it from my list page :) good luck with finishing it!

    1. Thank you! =D

      I do have lots... I think I might have overestimated my capacity to farm without going nuts. XD

  4. If your shaman isn't raiding it's probably worth respecing into the insta cast GW. As a long time solo grinder I've always run with it as it helps a lot with farming and sometimes the getting away.

    1. Oh I will, it's just that she's only level 80, and spec'd resto/elemental so she needs 2 more talent points to be able to reach Ancestral Swiftness in the Enhancemen tree.

      She'll get there, eventually. I'm just waiting for the boyfriend to level his dk so we can do the Cataclysm zones together.